Pupil Committees - School Council, Church Schools Council, SNAG Team, Enterprise Team and ECO Team.    


School Council

Our school has a School Council which is elected by pupils in KS1 and KS2 to:

  • Go to School Council meetings and take part in discussions.
  • Let the class know what was discussed at meetings.
  • Take the views of classmates to the School Council.
  • Be involved in projects that the School Council runs.

Our school also has School Council Officers.

The Chairperson runs the meetings and talks to other pupils, parents, teachers, the Headteacher and Governors about the Council. They make sure everyone is involved and they help the Secretary to prepare the agenda.

The Vice-Chairperson helps the Chairperson to prepare the agenda and help lead meetings. They also take over when the chairperson is away.

The Secretary takes minutes from the meetings, writes them up and distributes them. They also sign letters from the School Council and let people know when meetings are.

The Treasurer looks after the School Councils money and gives reports on the financial situation. They also suggest fundraising ideas.                                 

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