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Just reading about the school may not answer all of your questions and there can be no substitute for the experience of a visit to our school, where a warm welcome awaits everyone. 

For all enquiries, please call our reception between 8.30am-3.30pm: 01400 272702

ocontact us directly using the form on the contact page

All school admission application forms are now completed through the Lincolnshire County Council.

Please contact our school to arrange a visit and allow us to guide you through the process.

Although the administration is completed through the County Council,

we are only too happy to support our families along the way.

Lincolnshire County Council's Information About Schools Admissions:





Applications for September 2020 now open on the Lincolnshire County Council Website.


Apply online at:


Download Our School Prospectus and Admissions Policy

Process of Application for the Normal Intake Year (further detailed information in the Admission Policy links above) 

Arrangements for applications for places in Reception at Leadenham Church of England Primary School will be made in accordance with the Lincolnshire County Council's Local Authority co-ordinated admission arrangements; parents resident in Lincolnshire can apply online at www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/schooladmissions, They can also apply by telephone, or ask for a hard copy application form, by telephoning 01522 782030.  Parents resident in other areas must apply through their home local authority.  Leadenham CE Primary School will use the Lincolnshire County Council's timetable published online for these applications and the relevant Local Authority will make the offers of places on their behalf as required by the School Admissions Code. 

In accordance with legislation, the allocation of places for children with an Education, Health and Care Plan (Children and Families Act 2014) naming the school in the plan, will take place first.  Remaining places will be allocated in accordance with this policy.

If applicants exceed places, the Governing Body will allocate places using the oversubscription criteria below in the order given. (If it is necessary to distinguish between more than one applicant in any criteria, the next criteria will be applied until the tie-breaker is used.):

1. Looked after children and all previously looked after children. 

2. Either a brother of sister already attending the school at the time the child is due to start (see definition of "sibling" below).


3. Residents of Leadenham, Fulbeck and Brauncewell.

4. Religious affiliation: 

Parents are regular worshippers at a Christian Church.

(Applicants are asked to provide written evidence of their commitment from their priest or minister.  Regular is defined as once a month for at least a year at the time of application.  A Christian Church is one belonging to Churches Together in England).


Parents, though worshipping in another faith, wish to attend a Christian school because of its religious emphasis and ethos.

(Applicants are asked to provide written evidence from their religious leader, that they have visited their place of worship once a month for at least a year at the time of application).

Note: 12 months of at least monthly attendance is required to meet the relevant demonstration of faith within our admissions criteria.  If the place of worship was closed for any reason, this will still count in a break of that attendance and the priority will not be awarded.  As we must strictly adhere to our admissions policy, applicants will need to demonstrate a year’s membership prior to any breaks in attendance to be awarded the priority for this criteria.


5. The distance from home to the school, priority will be given to the child living closest to the school.

Final Tiebreaker

If two or more children are tied for the last place a lottery will be drawn by an independent person, not employed by the school or working in Children's Service Directorate at the Local Authority.

In Year Admissions

Applications should be made via Lincolnshire County Council or directly to the school. If there are more applications than places, then the oversubscription criteria will be used to decide who should be offered the place. If it is necessary to refuse a place then you will be informed of your right of appeal.  Parents can apply online at www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/schooladmissions or call 01522 782030 for a paper form.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries, and we will be very happy to assist you.

For all enquiries, please call our reception between 8.30am-3.30pm: 01400 272702

ocontact us directly using the form on the contact page

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Our Admissions policies are also available on the LCC website at School admissions policies – Lincolnshire County Council – (https://www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/school-admissions/school-admissions-policies/1

Uniform Order and Policy

Please see the links to our School Uniform Policy and Order Form.

We hold a small supply of uniform in school.  Please contact the school office for further details.

We do work hard with our supplier to ensure that our uniform is affordable and the best value for money (including the quality and durability of the garments). We also have a selection of pre-loved uniform items on request (subject to availability). Please contact the school office for further details.