Life Skills

At Leadenham CE Primary School, we have the highest aspirations for all our children. Our philosophy is grounded in a holistic view of the child. We celebrate our differences and share discoveries which enable the children and staff to look at their relationships with themselves, others and the world around us.


We expect the very best for our children and reflect on whether we are equipping the children with the skills needed to achieve this. We believe that we inspire our children to living a better quality of life. We aim to give them the confidence and drive to accomplish their ambitions and the ability to realise the potential they have as well as the resilience and determination to use that potential in which ever path they take. We want to create children who have a well-tuned moral compass who will go onto have a positive impact on their community.


This ambition is embedded in our curriculum. All children at Leadenham CE Primary School are given first hand experiences, real life experiences which are an integral part of how we believe children should learn. Not only this they are a memorable hook which inspire the children to want to discover more, solve problems, fine tune skills and reflect on the process.

What are the skills that we give the children?

All children at Leadenham CE Primary School learn people skills.

We are a school who has structures in place to enable the children to communicate with, empathise with and reflect on other people’s decisions, strengths and differences.

We focus the children throughout their Primary education on being ‘ready to learn’. High standards of appearance, attendance and punctuality are expected.  These basic requirements will support the children in whatever they do.

The opportunities at Leadenham CE Primary School to learn skills for their future are endless. From bushcraft, nurturing plants in the poly-tunnel, caring for the school rabbit, being part of teams and councils, having a voice on the school council, showing visitors around or simply applying their skills within their own learning. The children are also shown how to budget, research, cook, grow, enjoy and work as a team celebrating the talents and achievements of others.

Children are encouraged to apply for jobs around the school. Adverts are circulated, applications written, applications shortlisted, children interviewed and then appointed. These children then train up the next batch of successful applicants.


Aspiration is a key to giving children motivation. The children are bombarded with first experiences, visitors and staff who share their experiences and decisions with the children. Wider opportunities are provided for the children including theatre, camping, London Museum visits and a variety of educational visits available to access easily with our School Minibus.

We believe that the children should realise the challenges of other young people in the world. We develop strong links with schools across the world. Daily ‘Time to Think’ sessions and 'Newsround' discussions help the children to reflect on our ever-changing world and how they can make a difference.

The children are the most important asset we have. It is their school and they are instrumental in all decisions that are made.

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