More Able Pupils

At Leadenham CE Primary School we are committed to developing each child’s potential through their personality, talents, mental and physical abilities. We have high expectations for every pupil and encourage them to challenge themselves. We recognise children as individuals with unique personalities, skills and abilities. We provide teaching which makes learning challenging, engaging and encourage children to achieve greater depth of understanding. We also recognise within our school that there are children whose performance or potential is significantly greater than that of their peers.

We aim:

  • to identify the more able children and provide them with a suitably differentiated and challenging curriculum through Quality First Teaching;

  • to provide opportunities for these children to be independent and creative in their learning;

  • to celebrate high achievement; and

  • to recognise the range of talents that pupils at our school have.

Our definition of ‘More Able’ children are those who have an ability or abilities beyond the large majority of children in the school and who consequently require more challenging learning. Within this group there will be a smaller number of children who show ‘Exceptional Abilities’ in one or more subjects in the statutory school curriculum. Their potential will be shown in any or all of a wide range of contexts, such as different learning styles, creativity or leadership. We aim to have the widest possible view of ability and encourage and celebrate children who reflect our values.