All children at Leadenham CE Primary School are involved in high quality music-making with an emphasis on innovation and challenge.


Music provision is highly kinaesthetic, accessible to all abilities and gives opportunities to develop the skills of a young musician whilst accommodating children’s self-expression in a range of media.


Children are immersed in an eclectic and exciting music programme to develop awareness of music from various cultures, times and places. Musicianship and ensemble skills will be at the heart of music lessons in developing the ‘whole musician’.


Through our rich music programme, we are able to develop the whole child; to encourage positive behaviour, self-discipline, self-motivation and teamwork and to enable pupils to develop lively and enquiring minds.

The Arts: Intent 

At Leadenham CE Primary School we believe that the arts offer opportunities for our children to explore, express and communicate their feelings whilst gaining experiences of the wider world. Our children are provided with opportunities to a wide range of arts experiences as part of and in addition to the curriculum. Through experiencing the arts, children develop their creativity, self-esteem and confidence. Our creative arts programme, including music, dance, drama and art significantly impacts cognitive development, increases self-esteem, and actively engages everyone in learning.

Capital Culture


  • Children will learn about key figures from Music history such as Chopin, Debussy, Miles Davis, Byrd, Verdi, Paul McCartney and Adele.


They will also experience the following during Key Stage 1 and 2:

  • Meeting and talking to musicians

  • Concert performances both in and out of school

  • Playing a variety of musical instruments

  • Singing in the choir

  • Performing at large venues such as local music venues and theatres with other choirs

  • Singing in church





  • Children are happy learners within Music.  They experience a wide-ranging number of learning challenges in the art and know appropriate responses to them.

  • Children of all abilities and backgrounds achieve well in Music. Children talk enthusiastically about their learning in Music and are eager to further their learning in the next stages of their education.

  • Fundamental British Values are evident in Music and children understand how Music can celebrate difference

  • Through wider reading in music, children will gain an appreciation and understanding of the background and historical context of music and of the lives and interactions of the composers.  Through this exposure, children will produce work that is influenced by the best of the best.

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