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10 Years as Road Crossing Patrol!
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We were delighted to hold a special presentation assembly for Mrs Kettle to celebrate her 10 years as Road Crossing Patrol!

Mrs Kettle continues to keep our children safe as they cross the road!

G Kettle 10 year Recognition Road Crossi
Feedback on Facebook!

We were delighted to receive some wonderful comments from our families

about the events and activities at Leadenham School:


Skiing Year 5 & 6:             

My daughter absolutely loved 😍this school trip! Thank you for arranging this!

Fab trip indeed. Very happy boy here 💙

Wow don't you do some wonderful things at school!!


Viking Long Ship:             

My son was very excited and told me all about it last night.



A brilliant show, well done to all staff and pupils for the excellent performance.


Palm Oil:                            

Excellent. Well done Leadenham pupils!


Bushcraft Sessions:           

Lovely day with the children, Martin and Mrs Spour.

My children were telling me all about them! I think they must have enjoyed making them x


Open Morning:                   

I sent my children here. Absolutely was one of the best things I did. Staff and pupils were lovely. They do so much for the children and make learning fun.


Talk Like a Pirate Day:       

This schools motto should be.. go big or go home! Nothing is ever done by halves, brilliant well done everyone.....

sorry I mean 'mi hearties'!


Oakley Visit to the Falklands:     

Safe travels Oakley! We look forward to hearing all about your adventures x


Oakley Sent into Space:

Absolutely incredible, and what an adventure Oakley has been on! 🐻🚀

Brilliant well done children and tutors.

WOW! How amazing! 

Fantastic opportunities 🤗

Well done to all involved!

A truly awesome experience, one the children will never forget.

Just wonderful! Thank you.


I've watched a few videos from the school....All I can say is whaw...My son would love this school!

Unbelievable! 😁 Such a special experience for the children...and us!

WOW! Good luck on the way down, Godspeed Oakley.

What an amazing adventure!!


Witham Gymnastics:     

Our lovely son is quite the sporty type xx


Digestive Science Lesson:            

My son was telling us all about it last night. He is really enjoying it.


British Museum Visit:    

Looks like you’re all having an amazing time 👍👍👍