Visitors Page

We welcome all visitors to our school. 

Please help us to keep our children safe and bring full photographic identification with you if you are new to visiting us. 

Please report directly to Reception on arrival to sign in

and please click the button below to confirm that you have read and understood

our Visitor Safeguarding Summary:

Leadenham Church of England Primary School Safeguarding Summary


As an organisation, we are committed to safeguarding.

Our Designated Safeguarding Officer is the Headteacher.

Staff and Governors have had safeguarding training.



Promise confidentiality

Question a child in front of other children

Interrogate or interview the child



Accept whatever you are told - you do not need to decide whether it is true or not

Listen and be calm - reactions of disgust, fear or anger may confuse or scare the child

Pass on any concerns, no matter how small immediately to the Headteacher or another Designated Safeguarding Officer.



Any visitors to the site are responsible for their own Health and Safety.

If the fire alarm rings, please make your way calmly to the playground following the fire exit signs.